Scratch is a free, block based computer programming language that is available at With Scratch, students and educators can create a variety of interactive media projects like animations, stories and games, developing computational thinking and 21st Century competencies.

How to Get Started with your Students:
Scratch works on school computers or Chromebooks (check out the Scratch Jr App for the iPad version).

Scratch Educator Account
  • Apply for a Scratch Educator Account. This sometimes takes 24 hour to be activated. An educator account will allow you to create student accounts, manage their password, organize student projects into studios and monitor comments. Educator account frequently asked questions.
  • Students do not need an account to use Scratch online BUT they will not be able to save their projects or remix projects without an account.
    • Students can create their own account by click Join Scratch in the top right corner BUT this requires personal information and a parent email address, therefore teachers should follow the SCDSB third party tool guidelines and acquire parent permission before using the tool.

Try an Introductory Activity Together

Remix a Scratch Project
Once students are comfortable with the basics they might want to try exploring projects other students have created and thinking about how they can modify them. We call this remixing.

Debug a Scratch Project
Challenge students to find a coding error in a Scratch project.

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