Friday, 11 December 2015

Coding at Couchiching Heights

Dash the Robot
by Connor

This is the story about how I use dash.

Dash came into my life two weeks ago. I was soo happy.  Ms. Duncan came to visit us and was the one who brought in the robots.. At the beginning  I took  him for a walk around the school because I get stressed out a lot at school.  Taking Dash for a walk helps me feel better.  I used the app ‘Go’ in the beginning.  It is like a remote control for Dash.  Now I use Blockly to drive it.  I have to program Dash in Blockly.  It was hard, but I am getting better at it.  I will be sad when Ms. Duncan needs her robots back and Dash has to go.  

I think that Dash will be helpful in all schools, and for old people/cleaning homes, but mostly for learning.

*Note* This past week Connor has extended himself and became a teacher to the students in our ASD class.  He took Dash to meet the students, and showed them how they could code Dash to move around and make noises.  The students in Ms. Tremain’s ASD class loved Dash and really appreciated Connor’s time and newly developed expertise.  Connor stated after teaching the students for a ½ hour, ‘I’m tired.  Teaching is hard!  How do you do it all day?!’  He was more than eager to go back for a second session though.