Friday, 6 February 2015

Start a Coding Club with Google CS First

Start a Coding Club with Google CS First
CS First is a program that teachers can use to create a coding club in their school. The materials are free, available online through your SCDSB GAFE account, targeted at students in junior and intermediate grades, are adaptable and flexible, and use block based coding with Scratch

Watch the CS First inspirational video about Why Coding Matters in School

The mission of Google’s CS First is to “empower all students to create with technology” through activities that promote their program goals.


All the materials you need to start a club are provided for free through CS First. No previous experience is needed. All you need is the passion to bring computer science to your school. Then, you can learn alongside your students.

A sequence of lessons is provided on a variety of topics including music and sound, fashion design, storytelling, art, collaboration with friends and game design. This provides a variety of different interest points for students.  

To get started you need to create an account. Click the blue sign in button at the top of any of the CS First pages.  

It only takes a moment to get started and make an impact on a students life by learning to code together. If you’re interested in discussion a coding club or getting started let us know!  

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