Thursday, 8 January 2015

SCDSB Students are Coders!

Thank you for participating in the Hour of Code with us SCDSB!  We are excited to share, (based on the numbers submitted by teachers on the Google Participation Form) that the total number of students in the Simcoe County District School Board who participated in the Hour of Code was 4 030! Our participation numbers have been reported to Congratulations on giving your students this valuable learning opportunity!

This blog, created to share resources for the Hour of Code has had over 4 000 views, which is an indication of the interest teachers have in participating as well as the success of our coding workshops. The Hour of Code resources on this blog were curated and created by a team of “Coding Collaborators”: Nathan Fisher, Billy Miller, Michele McGuire, Becky Kennedy, Andrew Dold, Tim Hasiuk, Tyler Cave, Anna-Marie Boulding, Marie Swift and Marci Duncan.

As we continue to learn and grow, we would like to use this blog to share the next steps in our journey. Coding is a great way for students to express their thinking and creativity. It helps to build skills in collaboration, computational thinking and perseverance. You can check out the Beyond One Hour resources for ideas and next steps. Also, we welcome the participation of teachers and students to share how they are coding in the classroom! Teachers can share a reflection on what they have learned, how they are taking the next steps after the hour of code or innovative ways they are embedding coding into the classroom. Students may like to reflect on the skills they have learned while coding or share something they have created. If you would like to share your learning on this blog, Tweet us @SCDSBcodes, join or Google+ Community or contact by email.